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Welcome To DoGood Chattanooga’s Dog Friendly On The Web

DOGood for a Dog Friendly Chattanooga started in 2009 as a volunteer citizens group,willing to meet and work with Parks and Rec and city leaders to develop an educational program to teach responsible dog ownership to the community and visitors,and see more areas maintained and opened to responsible dog owners.


Our focus is to educate dog owners to “Do Good”by always following the rules to leash your dog,carry doggie waste bags,and pick up after your dog –no excuses! Ross’Landing was opened to responsible dog owners in the fall of 2009,and the Walnut Street Bridge in August,2010.


The DOGood program recently won the top award at the 2010 Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association Annual Meeting by receiving the Best Program Award for cities with over 100,000 residents,and our program is being mirrored in other cities across the US. announced in 2010 that Chattanooga was in the “Top 10 Vacation/Resort spots to travel with your dog”.


DOGood for a Dog Friendly is working hard to keep Chattanooga “clean,green,and dog-friendly!”Take the DOGood Pledge to be a responsible dog owner,and join us!


The DOGood Pledge:

I will always keep my dog leashed on a leash 6 ft or less,and on a short leash in crowded areas.

I will always carry doggie waste bags.

I will always pick up after my dog.